Have an after-hours claim?

auto owners 

1-888-252-4626 call for 24/7 claims service

Hagerty Insurance     

 1-888-445-8103  call for 24/7 claims service

Hastings Mutual  

1-800-442-8277 call for 24/7 claims service


1-800-282-8242  call for 24/7 claims service


 1-800-274-4499  call for 24/7 claims service

Westbend Mutual  

1-877-922-5246  call for 24/7 claims service

If you require immedate assistance at your home or business and know of a contractor, please call them.  If you do not, you may want to  consider one of the following.  We are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with these parties.  We cannot guarantee their work. Although, clients in past have used them with successful results. 

Belfor - Indianapolis area 1-888-491-7941
DAP Construction Management LLC - NE Indiana area 1-260-413-2384
Hays & Sons - Indianapolis, NE Indiana, South Bend area 1-800-536-4056
John Yoder - NE Indiana area 1-260-417-5621
Paul Davis - NE Indiana area 1-260-436-7510
Serv Pro - NE Indiana area 1-260-436-8385
Steamatic - NE Indiana area 1-800-232-4956
C William Troutner Construction - NE Indiana area 1-866-500-8648
Water Out - NE Indiana area 1-260-489-2070